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The Deming Community Choir was created for people in the community who love to sing by people in the community who also love to sing. And for people in the community who enjoy hearing classical vocal music.

The DCC is audition-free and is open to all in the community of high school age and older. The Choir rehearses weekly on dates shown on the calendar at venues within the community. Performances may be held at the high school auditorium, at Voiers Park, or other venues.

If you love to sing, or if you play a musical instrument, please consider applying for membership in the Deming Community Choir. Your special talent may be exactly what the Choir needs.

An end-of-summer concert is currently in rehearsal. A showtune-theme will be featured at this Concert In The Park which will be held on September 27, 2014, at Voiers Park. See you then.

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